7 Powerful Steps for Creating Healthy Relationships

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Building and maintaining a healthy relationship is no easy task. Just when we think we have it all figured out, life throws a curve ball. Whether you are currently in a relationship, recovering from a past one, or just want to do it better next time, this book is for you.

In this powerful and informative guide, you will learn the exact 7 steps I've used to build a solid, fulfilling, and happy relationship over the past decade. My husband and I have overcome enormous obstacles, and are now due with our fifth child!

But don't worry, you do NOT have to be married to benefit from this book. That's because regardless of your personal situation or relationship type, the foundation to success remains the same.

You will discover:

- The core, non-negotiable values that must be maintained in order for the relationship to work.

- How to quickly diffuse an argument from spiraling out of control.

- Why your partner avoids important topics, and what to do about it.

- Daily exercises to practice better communication and reaction skills.

- When to try harder, and when to let go.

- Real life examples from situations in my relationship, and how I handled them.

- & much more!

After reading this guide, you will have the tools necessary to create a healthy relationship with a foundation of respect and understanding. You will also be able to make better decisions on your life path in order to identify the companion you deserve.

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7 Powerful Steps for Creating Healthy Relationships

3 ratings
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